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(재)경기영어마을  Gyeonggi English Village


Fun WorldB0450분8,000/1인20명5-10세
Kindy DrawingB0550분8,000/1인40명5-10세
Kindy MusicB0550분8,000/1인40명5-10세

Fun World - Tea Party (티파티)

It is time for a tea party! But what is a tea party? Students will help prepare for a tea party with their animal friends, gathering up all the things necessary and preparing the animals' favorite foods.
티 파티를 할 시간이에요! 그런데 티 파티가 뭘까요? 우리 함께 티파티에 대해 배우고, 동물 친구들과 맛있는 음식을 준비해 봅시다.

Kindy Drawing - Holly's Fire (홀리의불)

Princess Holly is a kind young girl, but her gift of fire is out of control. Students will join Holly on exciting adventures, as she learns to control her chaotic fire and feel comfortable to travel the land once more.
홀리공주님은매우친절한어린소녀입니다. 그러나그녀가가지고있는‘불’ 은매우위험합니다. 여러분은홀리공주님이편안하고안전한여행을할수있도록도와주고, 함께즐거운여행을해보세요

Kindy Music - The Hungry Hippo (배고픈 하마)

Explore the world with this very hungry hippo, meet all kinds of animals and learn about the instruments they play. Students will play a series of games to help the animals rescue their instruments, then they will have a chance to play instruments of their own.
배고픈하마와함께많은동물친구들을만나고, 그들이연주하는악기에대해배우며세계를탐험해봐요. 여러분이여러게임을통해서동물들을도와주면, 동물들은그들의악기를연주할수있을거에요.